The Neptune RLSC site rebuild proves that we’ve come a long way in a relatively short time from that original Wix site. We’ve built a simple site in WordPress, cleaned up and rationalized their social media footprint and created succession structures which has been an ongoing problem due to membership changes in key roles.

And now it’s my pleasure to announce the completion of their new, updated website.

It’s like the start of a phase 2 – a digital Avengers if you will. At face value we’ve introduced and adopted a more robust WordPress theme that’s allowed us to create more visually striking and appealing website and we’ve integrated a more playful but powerful recruitment structure to attract new members which has been an identified priority for the RLSC site rebuild.

We’ve also integrated Woocommerce to more directly and efficiently manage donations in preference to the previous simple extension that launched a Paypal window – we’ve now got a tool for building an email list and thanking donators directly. Overall The Neptune Royal Lifesaving Club site is a complete reboot with tasteful integration of sliders and parallax design elements and more interesting ways of integrating text content. The site has had all content tweaked to increase it’s SEO value as well so we’ve got a great platform positioned for extended reach and ready for future growth.

Working with the club for me is always a pleasure and over the next few months we’ll be mapping out a migration to a new host better suited to handle the power we’ll be drawing on for the 2021 summer ahead.


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