M2Jet |One of the greatest compliments you can receive as a designer is when your client gives you free reign over the direction of their website. This client has always been a pleasure to work with and I have appreciated his structured and very clear direction on other projects – it’s made my job easier and our time projections toward completion are always on the money. Such a rarity in this industry.

M2Jet is a charter service for that traveler who knows how you get there is just as important as arriving. The product is an M2 Cessna Citation that can have you in Sydney from Brisbane’s Archerfield Airport in just over an hour or Melbourne in just over two and is positioned for VIPs, precious cargoes that have time sensitive freight requirements or for those who simply prefer to not queu for their commute.

The end product fuses video, virtual reality and CSS interactivity and is optimized both for speed and search engines, and the end result comes in spectacularly closely to the original wireframe.


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