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Brisume | We’re globally feeling the impact of the Covid virus and there’s no doubt it’s had a significant impact on employment rates. A headline in the local paper showed 2000+ applicants all applying for the same job and it’s a sobering statement about things to come. Brisume helps job applicants arm themselves with a resume that’s sleek, modern, up to date and ATS ready with a fast turn around and predictions are that it’s going to be a busy piece of web.

This site is primarily a single landing page that introduces the product then walks the site visitor to a close and purchase buttons. Bang – simple. I wire-framed the website template – the original Illustrator template is the left image while the finished page on the right was built in Elementor. this process rapidly speeds up the design process but lets you take a step back and create a single page layout that talks to the client and tells the story of the brand in the most customer-centric way possible.





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