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The written word in a document form is still the most trusted tool for sharing information, data and concepts that can’t be translated quickly or easily. Annual reports, brochures, white papers, startups and advertising content that require supporting information such as financials or statistics rely on document style content to impact their market.  

Done wrong, it’s also the fastest way to lose market interest. Reams of boring or poorly structured content can negatively impact interest and fail to communicate the concepts that you’re relying on to meet intended outcomes.

Colour, imagery, composition and visual harmony invite their audience and encourage an investor, student, buyer or anyone who’s taken the time to peruse your content to take a next step. A document that’s as beautiful as it is informative makes a statement about your organization – about the pride you take in what you do and the value you place on the attention of your audience.

Given the opportunity and the right information in the right way, people will fall in love with what you do and a well produced document that’s as visually striking as it is concise is a powerful tool in the hand of a good marketing team or an organization that relies on getting the kind of attention that is competed for such as tenders or contracts.

Startups get one shot at capturing public interest and investor dollars – don’t let poorly constructed documentation be the weak point in your pitch. Go all in on striking document style content that does all the difficult explaining of what you’re hoping to achieve in the most visually engaging way possible.

The documents I produce are visually striking and structured to deliver your key messages as efficiently and as pleasantly as possible. They’re also optimized for ease of deployment without loss of quality.

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Video is proven to have a significantly higher click through rate than any other form of media. If your goal is to create conversions through social media strategies or to boost brand visibility then well crafted, high quality video content will give your Facebook campaigns firepower and help build a solid brand presence. And well optimized content will retain quality but load quickly before your target audience loses patience.

Video learning content is also one of the most effective learning tools available is easily deployed externally for online learning platforms or MOOCs, internally on intranets or via DVD/computer learning or for a variety of other deployment platforms.

High quality video can even be used for cinema advertising, to promote or advertise services either in a the lobby of your business or on a variety of other advertising platforms. Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world – could your business benefit from a video strategy that leverages the power of the world’ largest video platform?

A video of a burger cooking in the lunchtime hour on social media could have more impact than a thousand brochure drops and statistics show that people stop scrolling when video starts in their Facebook feed if it’s got the kind of hook that catches their attention.

Best of all – it’s infinitely yours to use as many ways as you wish once it’s compiled and optimized. Video uploaded to a Facebook library can be used again and again and file size optimization means rapid deployment onto other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.


Let’s talk about how digital documents and video can strengthen your business – either through advertising, the delivery of information or other areas such as training content, video content in the front of business such as menus or product advertising or other more ambitious plans you may have. Lick the link below and let’s start talking about the visual profile your business could develop and grow.


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