You were looking for the cheapest website designer weren’t you?

It’s okay – I get it. You’re a small business and how you spend your money is vital to the growth plan for your business. But striving to find the cheapest website design is an actual waste of money and I’d like to tell you why.

A Website Is An Employee

Think of a website as an employee. When you hire an employee it’s a big decision and you have a list of expectations you want them to fulfil – and those expectations are very task specific. You want them to have the necessary skills to be able to handle their role and be productive enough to do the job. You certainly don’t want to be paying someone to just sit there all day every day right?

A website is actually exactly the same but many people don’t know what to expect from their site or their expectations are unrealistic. Many think simply having a website will start spinning traffic for their business, like it’s going to be a light going on in cyberspace and, like moths, customers will come. But did you know despite having indexed more than 35 trillion web pages, Google still only accounts for around 4% of the internet?

If your employees had a 4% chance of doing their jobs right you’d lose your mind. That’s a 4% chance of getting off their butts and actually doing something over a 40 hour week. You don’t want to pay for that – those are some awful odds.

And even if you somehow fell into that magical 4% of website that Google indexes – would Google’s search algorithms do your website justice? Google simply looks at the content on your site and makes general assessments of what it thinks your website it about. Is your content that good that Google will understand your story and bring you the traffic you are hoping for? And how about the fact that at 50% of Google web searches don’t result in a click?

Strive for the best website designer – not the cheapest website designer

By looking for designers who can build your site for the cheapest price possible you’re sponsoring a race to the bottom where people produce work that does the absolute bare minimum. Optimizing SEO page scores is meticulous and methodical work and that alone is worth more than that $499 or less you want to pay for your website.

Yet without it, your website joins the other nebulous 96% of the internet that Google doesn’t even knows exists. You get the cheapest website ever but a website that wouldn’t even know what to say if a search engine came calling – it wouldn’t know how to introduce itself.

Very Speed, Such Wow

Is your website optimized for speed? Not just image speed but script and stylesheet loading speed? Because that’s a metric now – Google measure site speed and performance to determine ranking and if your site doesn’t measure up it’s already limited in how far it can rise.

Which leaves you paying for the cheapest website that does nothing except sit there – like the employee in the previous paragraph who gets paid to do nothing. And we’ve already establishd how detrimental something like that would be to your business.

Is SEO really that important? It really is and I’ve already proved it. Because you started looking for the cheapest website designer and you found me. A guy telling you NOT to look for the cheapest web designer. From a company that does good work – not cheap work. Through the power of SEO.

Here’s a link to my Contact page. I’ll build you a great looking website that runs lightning fast but it will also introduce itself to Google and proactively promote itself. Because you, my friend, need good work not cheap work.